Saturday, March 23, 2013


Well, i gotta say that maybe instangram is not totally useless ahahah i guess it could help me in keeping this blog updated as you know i'm pretty bad at it ahahah here i just posted for you some pics of my last weeks and i'm planning to do a post like this probably one a month or one every other month as it's an easy way to not turn into a lazy ass ( which i am) and not uploading shit for a while ahahahah.

So on the left you'll see just many pics of my egocentric me just .. i don't know, being there ahahah ( in order: new hair 24 hrs no sleep and hangover; pinuppy chilling; rings day; and weird double color make up ) while on the right you'll have just random shit that happened to take a pic of ( in order: my new Buffalo shoes that i lurv so muchhhh  -will prolly have a post bout it at some point- ; my life motto; some good ol' DIY on old black Levi's; my selfmade neckchain with cross that i'm so attached to; and my awesome pair of Lovelysally leggins, i know those are pretty expensive for real girls who are pretty much always broke like me, but it was a present i made fr myself once i passed my last exam ;) - will have a post with better pics of the design that's just amazing, soon or later ahah i'm so bad at keeping up -)

Now time for study here, and tomorrow photoshoot in an abandoned sanitarium ( pretty much like the one from American Horror Story Asylum.. creepy, scary, sick, and beautiful at the same time, can't wait!) Cheers everyone ;) 

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Soadria said...

awww, beauty :)

Marta Mastergood said...

i see you're such a babe as well darlin' ;) .. anyhow thanks!

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