Thursday, March 21, 2013

some new (morbid) ideas

so i've been wandering lately whether to start selling online the stuff i make (aside from photography) or not, i mean, i can kinda guess people over the internet might like it but at the same time i dunno if i'll be able to keep up with it as well.

this is the MonoGarther i make, i love to wear it over some pair of leggings as it feels better on my leg ( and doesn't get all bumpy) and at the same time it kinda of has more of a badass look (sorta Lara Crofty kinda feeling) more than only sexiness which i won't feel comfortable with, but you can actually wear it as you please, as it's really versatile :)
Other things will be uploaded later as i need to take better pics of them, i actually even started an instangram account as @mastergoodmarta  which i don't really like, as i rather have good picture with a good postproduction on,... but i gotta say that it's definetely really quick and easy to use,... so just don't take it too seriously ahah

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