Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

"She Gollum" do you actually realize how fucking big are my eyes?! not even wearing lenses -_-"

Haloa people?! How's it going?! here's exams' weeks and my brain is pretty much melting through my ears but i'm managing to survive all of this AND for making it easier i just bought myself a pair of platform creepers i was willing to buy since forever!
I know, it's pretty superficial to treat yourself with a pair of new shoes, but at the same time it is something a gilr needs once in a while, specially if she's going trough a stressful moment :)
so yeah, this is about it for now, but will be back with more interesting stuff soon!

my new babes i'm waiting for 

oh, i forgot to mention you should listen to more MACABRE in your life ♥ ahahahahaha

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