Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fast and Loose

so i got soooo many things to tell ya!.. i've been pretty active lately which is something i'm really happy for considerate that it's almost 40°C outside and i feel like melting!!!alright, first thing i.. FINALLY GOT MY DRIVING LICENSE! hahahah i know i'm pretty old and should have already taken it ages ago... but i didn't... and now i FINALLY have it!!! Next step is to take the Motorcycle driving license! but i think they have to make you wait at least 5 years :/ oh well, and i don't have a moto anyways ahah... whatever i'm just sooo happy i can actually drive now, i just need my own car and i'm on it now! yeah baby!
second thing: i've already told you it was my birthday and here's a list of the things i bought as a present for me, you know usually i don't have enough money saved to buy whatever crosses my mind, but lately i've worked a little and it felt good actually buying something for myself for once :) so here it is:


Other things are some concerts i went too, i'll upload about them as soon as i get the pictures fixed for ya ;D
meanwhile listen to some good ol' Motorhead! ahah Cheers

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Popelka said...

Nice things waht you bought!:)

Anti.Muse said...

These shorts are hot! :)

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