Monday, October 15, 2012


i'm soooooooo excited for Halloween, don't really know why, but this year i'm getting so much in the horror mood that i'm actually superpumped ahah i love doing childhish things from time to time! :) makes me feel good as i wouldn't have grown up at all.. so, because of thins i think i'm actually going to...BAKE CUPCAKES! ahahahah ok, i'm not that good in the kitchen but i'm willing to take a risk and try ahahah everyone is just scared at the idea i could try and cook something, but, dunno i just feel like it!!!

this is actually the kind of cupcakes i'm gonna try and make, and of course i'll let you see how they will turn out ahahah i think those are so spooky lovely and i'm sure they're totally delicious!!!! yumyum blood and broken glass ahahah

by the way i also think i'm gonna be selling this little piece of jewelry sometime in the near future. i love it, kinda of gothikish and bold at the same time! perfect to put a little dark on an outfit. Just have to choose here and when i'm gonna be selling it :) will totally keep you guys updated anyways.

obviously better pics will come in case :) those were the only ones i had on my computer now ehehe

btw i totally found out (from my little cousin) that there is a new cartoon show called "high monsters" IT'S ADORABLE!!! ahahaha it's like about a high school where only teenagers with monster parents can go ahah and the best thing is that it is all very fashion styled! ahahah i think it's so cute, even tho i usually don't like those kinda of new cartoons that are around. here's a couple of characters i found really cool ahah

here's the steampunk one and the rockabilly chick ahaha so cute!!!!and look at those shoes! :D
alright gonna go make my bestfriend a present now. byesbyes everyone

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