Wednesday, October 10, 2012

almost normal looking

ahah so ok, my mom today got really excited as she looked at me and told me "you almost look normal!" ahahah like, she doesn't really appreciate my darkish clothes as much, so today i felt like wearing a white shirt (yes white!) and a pair of regular jeans ..and she got so shocked! ahah
i had to take a picture as proof i actually can wear "normal" stuff from time to time. sorry the pic looks retarded but i was heading out right in that moment, didn't have time for a better shot, i also have no idea what i'm looking at over there. God i'm being so busy i'm skipping gym! i hate it, cuz so far it's the only thing that really makes me feel pretty good..but i'm always running around and studying and don't really have time for it,it's stressing,..i'm also pretty far behind with my picture-editing stuff..waaaaaaaaaaa need either an assistant that could do my job on many things or to find a way to duplicate myself ahahah. gotta go work on a project now, and hopefully i'll have some time left for the gym :) cheers!

a really rare version of myself ahahah :)

vest -
jeans - miss sixty
old ass steel toe combat boots 

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