Tuesday, October 9, 2012

somewhere over the rainbow

i know i haven't really been up here those last days, but that's just because me and my man decided to spend some more time together, and conciliate that with all the stuff i have to do, tourned out in me not posting on here as often. here's some random pictures of the theme park we went to, ahaha it was so much fun, specially cuz i haven't gone anywhere like that in ages, and even tho we were basically the only grownups that were there without babies (ahahahah people looked at us weird) we enjoyed it so much! spent the whole day there, and still haven't seen everything :D i don't think i'm going to go back there pretty soon, but once in a while feels really good to have fun like kids ahah... oh and i'm sorry, i know i look terribly AWFUL in those pics, but was totally the "trunks on water" ride's fault ahahah

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