Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romics pt.1

ahahah ok i felt so guilty i didn't upload any picture that i just got few up :D .. i know those are really bad ones but it was crazy with all the people and really didn't have time to make better ones (also i didn't feel like postprodoucing as much ahah) i'm such a lazy ass... those should just show you some of the stuff that was there :D 

two guys i know and met over there after ages haven't seen eachother

one of the pavilions of the expo

one of the billions star wars' stand, i i'm not going wrong :) 
one of the many talented artists and genius at the expo, next to some of his works really creepy and weird, i loved them since the first second! :D 
dan dan dan daaan dadaaaaaaaan dan da daaaaaaaaaaaan
little tiny princess i would have stolen her
and brought with me forever  ♥ 

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