Thursday, October 4, 2012

cha cha with the zombies

hi there! I know I've promised you some pictures of all the things i'm doing those days, but i'm really bad at finding time to edit them all. I've been working a lot and rushing up and down, and as soon as i'll find some time, will totally keep this blog up with my life (as if somebody would care about it ahahah). here's just one picture of me taking a cigarette pause at the Romics Cartoon Expo... so excited my boyfriend is getting better at taking pictures! yay! i might not even have to do my pics myself later on ahahh ok now i'm exaggerating  even tho the pic is against the light, at least he didn't crop parts of my body out ahah. later weirdos :D 

before anyone starts asking:
-H&M dress/tee
 -PU leather pants from a shop in Camden Town
 - VJ style shoes
 -old ass legwarmers

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