Tuesday, October 23, 2012

random pieces of life

ok, i know i'm so bad in keeping on with my blog :( but my life is just sooooo busy i really have only few minutes to do the things i like :) and here's one of them!
i didn't actually have time to do one of the posts i'm thinking of doing on here right now (some are reallllly interesting, trust me!!!) so i'm just gonna give you random snaps of my life for the moment ahah here's a picture that my boyfriend liked to take..idk he was probably feeling really artistic at the moment

probably not the most flattering image of both of us ahahah
here's probably a better one, taken on his birthday this summer :) aren't we cute?!

instead, here's me, a couple of days ago, just a second before going to work with my little kids ^^ ahahah not the best face i know :P
once at work, one of the little girls asked me if i was a "real witch?!?!?" ahahahahah i thought it was the cutest thing everrrrrrrrrrrrr ♥ 

sorry for the bad bad quality... plus there's a nun passing right behind me ahahah i was in front of the Colosseum .. i work right there :)

and here's a better picture i took time ago, of what i actually see from the school i work at :D .. i dunno if i already uploaded this on here, but it's so pretty i's worth reblogging!

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