Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Alright everyone! so this morning i thought i'd share with you one of the most useful tips on make up i've found on blogs! and since both blogs i've seen they are in italian, i just thought i'd share it in english as well, even tho my english isn't the best one ahah at least i try!
so here it is a post on "How to compact your broken pressed powder again!" this could do for your broken bronzer, eyeshadow, blusher, etc etc... and if you're just a little like me, and really messy, this could happen a lot of times, usually when one of there break into pieces the best thing is to trow it away and buy a new one... but not anymore! :D
what you need will be:

- a brush (medium size)
- some plastic wrap
- grain alcohol
- a syringe or dropper

1. cover your broken powder with some plastic wrap (cellophane) to prevent the powder to go everywhere around your house

2. with the back of your brush start breaking the flakes of your product till it's pretty much all powder.

3. with a syringe or a dropper, pick up few drops of alcohol

4. carefully remove the plastic and drop the alcohol on the powder which will instantly blend together

5. with the brush immediately even the upper part of your product to create a flat surface

6. let the alcohol dry (be careful not to move the bronzer/eyeshadow/etc.. too much while it's drying) ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand voilĂ ! Your favourite make up product it's back as new!

hope this post could help someone as it helped me :D even if the pics aren't mine (i forgot to take them) i tried it and it really works out well!!!

now time to go to university for's gonna be a looooooong day ahahah much love

ps. i just got the BEST NECKLACE EVER in my mail! right on time for halloween!!! i'll show you later ahahahah i love it  

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