Monday, October 1, 2012

big eyes don't lie

heyheyhey! look what i got! :D i was at romics the other day (soon to be pictures) which is the comics' exposition here in rome.. even tho there's a lot of videogaming, star wars, cosplays and nerd things in general, not only comics.. so, anyway, i HAD to take those lenses! i always wanted a pair of lens, just cuz i was soooo curious of what would i have looked like with different eye color than mine. And i totally found what i was looking for, for a really good price and super good quality, i'm almost sad i did not buy more than one! i got this Party-Green lenses by ColourVue, the type of lenses is the "big eyes" series, one of those that's supposed to enlarge your natural iris so it'll look like you have those "doll eyes" (ahah not really that i needed them with my alien giant eyes ahaha). If i have to describe them, well i've NEVER put a pair of lenses on before in my entire life, thank god my view it's pretty good (for now at least), so maybe starting with those big eyes ones if you're completely not used to it, it's a little annoying for the eye..i spent the entire night blinking like a little fawn. But after a while you just get used to it, and i'm pretty sure that people who wear lens normally won't even notice..the effect is magic tho! :D So, in the end i'm really happy with these ones, even tho it took me forever just to put them on ahah plus i found out how much fun it is to change eyes; i'd recommend them for a party night or a day, but i'm not confident for a everyday use of those big iris ones :) oh, i'm sorry the photo isn't really good but i just took it right after i put them on and really couldn't see shit, and my eyes were watering all over the places ahah

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