Thursday, April 18, 2013

Midnight Hour

hello weirdos! yeah i know has been kind of a little while since i last updated this, and i still have to make the second part of that expo on comics post.. i know that, i'm just really busy, try be sympathetic! ahahah
oh well, just few updates on my life, just in case i forget things, i've been working and studying quite a lot this week, as from next week i'll be basically flying all over the places doing 5 billion different things so i had to keep up with my work first ( which i'm far behind with, no matter how much i do work on that bitch ), so these things include my sexy friend's birthday, some dinner with friends, few aperitif with tons of different people -which actually will start tomorrow- then i need to go see Lords of Slaem, and there was actually gonna be Rob Zombie himself presenting the movie, but apparently he can''t come anymore; theeeeeeeen let's seeeeee, oh yeah gotta see Vader and on an other night Dr.Gore and Necrodeath 's concerts... and then finally i go to FUCKING NEUROTIC DEATHFEST!!! Hell yeah, imma be around many good friends, see my bestie that i've been missing lately, watch some good ass bands and drink lots ahahahah classic good time. There are other things i'm planning as well, but can't really say until i get confirmation of that. OH guys! you made me really happy this month, i don't fucking know why i got so many views this time!!! Guess springs just turns everyone's sexyness up ahahaha
Well now i reaaaally need some sleep as if you don't know that, i've been going for a run in the morning in the passed two days, and tomorrow's gonna be my 3rd attempt to actually make a good timing ahahahah you really never know how much out of shape you are until you start doing something again! I'm so fucking sore you don't even know! sympathy on this one as well please ahahah
i'll catch up with this posts soon i promise ;) 'night weirdos!

in ordr there you get: first day of run - totally dead - few patches i still have to find the time to sew on that shit... is taking me forever; my own personalized hadpainted Kugashirt - oh you can bet you'll be seeing it sooner and in better quality - ; kinda of an horror themed monday morning i had; second day of run, felt like a fucking tiger ahah; my fucking boring university shit - i tell you no lies! - ; my problem with everything; and last jsu a regular day i didn't feel as shitty ;) 

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