Tuesday, April 9, 2013

romics 2013 special spring edition pt.½

Me and Margherita :) 
Well well well, i love those things! Last sunday i just took some time off my studying/working schedule, to actually get to go to the special edition of Romics, which is about the comics and games convention, just like a heaven for nerds all over ahahah Being this a special edition ( the big one is usually on october ) there weren't many stands as usual, which can be good on one side, as usually is even really hard to walk due to the people and enormous cosplays, but on the other hand it's harder to find something you're looking for, having less possibilities. Anyways we had so much fun, and i even met some friends of mine ( like Margherita in the first picture and those two Jedi-Nerds in the other picture that i know from an online group ). I should also say that i spent all my spare money on comics so like, apparently, i haven't grown up at all in the passed 10 years ahahahahah whatever, can't really hide my nerdy part.
Oh i'm planning on making also an other post on this convention as soon as i have the pics of those cosplays adjusted, since here you'll see more pics of me, Giggi, Pacio and Vesna :)
cheers everyone!

Vesna being happy like a kid
me and two of my jedi followers
some sort of coca-cola power ranger shit ahahahah
AHAHAHAHAHAHA not really sure about this one either.. super/metalheads/heroes?!
chilling moment

This guy is genius, best cosplay ever ahahahaha for those of you that don't know what it's reffering to i'm just gonna link this video for ya ahahahahahahah
bye bye weirdos!

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