Saturday, April 6, 2013

the hour of the wolves

hallo fuckers! ( ahah don't take it personally ) This is just me right before a night of picture-taking at a concert, not really fashionable but, you know, when moving around with your camera, climbing shit and laying on the stage in different ways, you don't really want to wear skirts and in general really uncomfy stuff ahaha nor you want your new cute little sexy dress to just disgustingly being soaked in beer and mud ahahah
so, well, the first two are just 2 random pics of that night and i still have tons of them to work on photoshop.. so i better get down to work. Oh and tomorrow gonna go to the spring edition of the Romics probably ill take some pictures,.. or maybe not ahahah what's sure it's i'm gonna wear my beautiful black long dress, as i haven't had an occasion to do so up to now! you'll see you'll see :)
now back to work! byes

ps.  the most interesting people might be just a click away, you just have to dare and talk to them ;) ..i wish i had more time to do so.

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