Friday, March 23, 2012


 Just got back from my week end in London and.... i freaking love that place!!! wish i could stay there way longer than i did, and i wish this every year i go over there!obviously i spent all my money beeing the drunkass i am and buying a shit ton of unneeded stuff ahahah well i guess that's also the fun part so, i'm just gonna leave it as it is.
I'm waiting for my friend to get back from her trip to Hindenburg cuz she has big part of thepics we took on's just a quick one of us 3 to Stonehenge!
That place enchants me!
Oh and my shoes and t-shirt aren't arrived yet... hope they didn't get lost!

Miss.Akuma, Me and Chelsea  summoning ancient evils at Stonehenge ahahah

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