Friday, September 21, 2012

..and i want to paint it black

Today was CRAZY busy i really really really need some rest now ( and i even skipped my gym session!!! D: ) and since i was so supertired and everything i thought i'd give myself a tiny present.. tha dha!!! here it is! i finally bought a black matte lipstick! i'm in love with it, ater years of making it out of a mix of other lipsticks i actually own one now!!! ahahah it doesn't take much to get me excited as you can see. Oh and i totally had to try it on and eels supergodd, think i'm going to wear it tomorrow as well, it's my to-go look! by the way i dunno whatsup with all those super pinky/minty/liliac lips...ok i like the liliac one, but i still think than some dark bold lips are waaaay sexier.. and cooler. Well my boyfriend isn't really happy when i'm wearing these dark lips cuz they get messy really easily eheh. ok, time to go crush on my bed, FINALLY. And maybe tomorrow i'm meeting up with Chelsea, fuck yeah. 'night

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