Wednesday, September 19, 2012

starting to feel the halloween mood!!!

So, my good friend just brought to me my part of the package we shared the shipping costs of!!! yeyeyeyeyeyeye!!! i'm so happy to add these leggins to my "skeleton" part of the closet ahah! no time to write an entire blog entry  right now, since i'm supposed to be working on a semi-ruin building made in 1400 d.C. right now eheh, so i'm just gonna post one picture with my new leggins and maybe will do a more complete post later ;) 

Leggins are from GoJane

Oh! you ALL have to download this playlist i found out on tumblr to get in the right mood for next halloween (yeah i know there's still plenty of time, i just like being ahead of the times ahah) it's just ridiculously happy and fun to listen to!!! (i believe is from this guy
Cheers everyone!

ps. I feel like adding this directly from my tumblr: "since everyone just started asking me where did i get those skeleton pants i guess i might as well just start writing the brand of what i get under the pics on my blog... didn't really do that since now, cuz i didn't want to sound anything like those girls "fashion blogger".. i'm just "whatever stuff blogger" kinda person :) but yeah, i had to answer like 10 inbox about that, so i might as well just write it from now on."

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