Friday, September 28, 2012

fun ain't pretty

well my exam didn't go well in the end :( but anyways, had so much fun when chelsea got visiting, and i'm totally looking forward to go vist her in London!!! just have to find a little money first, probably imma go as soon as my university gives me a little more breath. Meanwhile i'm organizing my first photoshop class as a teacher, hoping it will all go for the right way. Bham october's almost here, and is gonna be crazy i'm pretty sure, oh and lately i didn't post as much cuz i got totally stucked with my back and couldn't even get up my bed, after 3 days of medicines i can actually move now YAY! Here's some weird pics from the other day, i look horrible but they're still fun. too bad there is not even one where you see me with my beautiful  skeleton outfit ahah

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