Monday, April 1, 2013

Bad Moon Rising

I actually wanted to make a complete post today but... uh.. well... to be honest i got totally lost in playing a videogame ahahahah it doesn't happen often thank god, also because i only use the computer to play, and not many cool games are optimized to be used with the keyboard ahaha but when i find one i like it's really hard for me to get doing anything else i should ahaha
So i figured i shall talk to you about this some other time.
Those pictures were actually from 2 days ago as i was working at a concert but many of my friends were there so i ended up taking a couple of extra pictures (an some extra beers) ahah yep!
Now bed time, as today i got some lunch at the Easter Italian style which pretty much is: stuff yourself with plenty of delicious handmade food till you die. ahahahah and i pretty much am dead.. but should make more interesting posts pretty soon, have some new pics from a shooting i'm sure you'll love, and many other things on the line up ;) happy holidays everyone! 

red hair style it's pretty common apparently ahahah (davide and me)

random drunken faces ( matteo and graziella) 

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