Sunday, July 29, 2012

summer time (and the livin's easy)

Tropea - Calabria - South Italy
photo by me

yeah, i know i disappeared for a while, but i am totally justified, as this is where i've spent last week. Not bad huh?! like total relax with my boyfriend on the seaside ... hell yeahhh. I have so many pictures but no time to upload them now since i'm doing my laundry and everything cuz i'll be FLYING OFF TO BUDAPEST in 2 days! yayyyyy! never been there, and i'm soooo curious to see the city, everyone i spoke to told me it is beautiful!!! Is anyone of you from there, or have any suggestion on what to see/do/have to go to/can't miss over there??? i have read some stuff on the internet but knowing it directly it's totally different i'm sure. and i'll bring my camera with me to Budapest as well so i'll have even more pics to show you once i get back! yay! right now the only bad thing is that i'm missing all my friends, cuz summertime is kinda of hard to find everyone in town...oh well, i'll catch up with that later, i'm sure.
if i got time i'll upload some pics later on, promise ;) i hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! CHEERS!

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