Friday, July 6, 2012

train in vain

ahah well today i was supposed to do a shit ton of stuff and rush to my university...but i got up way too late and my friend didn't answer her phone so i just ended up not going. now i was all dressed and ready to go, so why not just take a couple of pics instead? ahah alright my make up today was really discreet compared to my everyday look, cuz i basically did it in 5 minutes as i was late,...but the light on my balcony was just so perfect, it called for a picture!yep only natural light on this one!
by the way the weather is getting so hot here it's barely standable, that's why i wasn't really upset about not leaving my house today ahah god, i'm probably just not used to it, but it's seriously way too hot for Rome.. i wish i was on the beach right now!
oh and if you were wandering that' my new skeleton-flower tank, i'm in love, it's so airy it's just perfect right now!(i think it's Pull&Bear.. don't feel like checking right now ahahah)
oh well, now icecream time! might upload something else later.

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