Wednesday, July 4, 2012

new stuff

Ok, as i was telling you, here's some of my new stuff!
It's all new beside the Litas and the jewelry you see.. like that's what i wear on daily basis, i go through periods and i always wear the same jewelry stuff for moths till i decide it's over and just change it all. ahah

Oh and just to be clear this is not meant to be like an "outfit-fashion-blogger-kinda-post", i'm so not like those beautiful ladies all about fashion ahah it's just me showing some of the new stuff.
Actually the vest is from one of those beautiful ladies i just mentioned since i got it from Lua (LeHappy) , the Litas are not original JC, and the shorts are Pull&Bear; instead the skulls earrings are a gift from my boyfriend, the other one was just an arrow tip pendent my friend gave me and i made an earring out of it :) ,the cross i bought somewhere i don't remember and the other pendent is DIY
i'll post some more later probably, when i come back from the tattoo studio.



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