Thursday, July 12, 2012

silly stuff and horrific faces.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok, somebody just posted on facebook the ugliest picture of myself ahahah it's freaking hilarious! i'm like all drunken and stuff, my hair was puffy as fuck because of the humidity and i have the DARKEST skin tone..i don't know! that's not even my skin color! i love dark skin usually but NOT on myself i look so stupid ahahahahah sorry but i'm not confident enough to post it on here :P 
i will post some retarded pic i took this morning with the webcam tho! gotta go now, i just found out that a huge KIKO store just opened around here and HAVE to go there!!! like now!!! ahahaha

ahahahahah me getting the "model look" with the fan ahahah then realizing how ridiculous it was ahahah

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