Monday, August 20, 2012

summer roaming pt.2

just a quick post with some other pics from this summer :) first two are from Budapest and the third one's from Calabria (south Italy). i know i haven't posted a lot on here lately, this is because i'm supposed to study for my architecture's exams and i'm spending the totality of the time trying in doing that, and not succeeding, and getting frustrated over it. If anyone does know some method to relieve stress and turn up creativity pleas let me know! i'm in desperate need of finding a great idea for the museum project i'm supposed to conceive! argh! it just feels like my brain doesn't really care about all the effort and time i'm wasting on this, and doesn't help at all. just to think of something else, i have so many new things to show you, and i'm still waiting my Foxy Spike shoes to show off! grrrrr! they had to send them to me again cuz it's pretty obvious the first package got lost somewhere. Oh and my sister just got back from her vacation as well, gotta tell ya, for as much as i love her, can't fucking stand her attitude while i'm trying to get shit done!!! ahah sorry for the little "venting post" i got here, wasn't really planning on that :) enjoy the pics :D Cheers

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