Monday, August 20, 2012

summer roaming pt.2½

teaching my boyfriend some photography basics :) 
so sad to drive back home :( no more vacation

since my university stuff isn't going into gear at all yet, i'm just messing around with pictures and summer memories for now. I know i should not but... whaa... who needs more stuff to work on when you're already busy? right?

well i wanted to type so many things but my busy-over working mind doesn't let me put everything in line making me not able to write down everything.
i'm also worried because my e.l.f. package should be here on the 24th but i wont be home for it!i'm leaving in a couple of days to go to my mother's birthday :) gonna be out for 4 days, then back to work :/ blhaaaaaaaaaaaaa! anyone willing to make this project for me???

Szent Istvàn bazilika in Budpest

Tropea - south Italy

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