Thursday, August 30, 2012

go eat... shit

i just posted this on tumblr and felt so much like sharing on here as well:

"you know what, if you keep telling, to a perfectly sane and healthy person, things like “go eat a sandwich!” or “you’re too thin” or, on the other side, “you should loose some weight” or “go build some muscles to burn all that fat ” you DO OFFEND HER. in a way, or in the other, you’re just not accepting that person the way she/he is, even tho she is just perfectly NORMAL. every person is different one from the other in shape, height, weight, appearance.. and nobody shouldn’t torment theirselves over someone else’s idea of healthy/beauty. when you state something like that, even with a superficial tone and not really caring about what you’re saying, you could actually be pushing that person on the direction of a eating disorder, in order to fit your ideas. do not underestimate the importance of your sentences on an insecure mind, there are already the media playing that role in people’s lives, nobody needs you to do the same."

i just got the "go eat somethen" advice non-requested.i know, my arms look ridiculously skinny and fragile and i don't even like it, that's also why i'm starting gym sessions, BUT you can't just assume i do not eat and say stuff like that. it makes me angry that it is because o those people that a lot of other girls/guys start starving or stuffing themselves. fuck that. i could understand some "quit smoking" advice (which anyways would be not requested as well) but at least would be for my future health. bha i'm sick of this stuff everywhere.

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Hope Adela Pasztor said...

You are so beautiful! You totally need to be a model, girl! =)

Marta Mastergood said...

thanks! means a lot said from you :) i'm afraid i'm too short to model tho ahah

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