Sunday, September 2, 2012


good night last night! ...i'm kinda of hungover recovering right now, so it won't surprise me if this post wouldn't make sense ahah
went to a little town to see the "metal crusade" mini festival, with music and beer-challenges ah-ah-ah guess why i'm feeling like shit today ahahah
by the way it would have all been great and fun if the fucking police wouldn't have stopped the music at 12 pm booooohooooooooooooo and in that moment there were actually my friends ADE playing!it sucked pretty bad, even tho after an other couple of beers nobody was angry anymore.
That's it for now, maybe i'll make an other post later when my head comes back to normal ahah.
Leaving you a picture of my make up for the night (lipstick it's missing cuz i did put it on after taking the pics) and the only not-so-blurry photo of the night ahah Cheers! :D

just about to put on lipstick and do my hair

only picture i was actually able to shoot

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