Wednesday, August 29, 2012

all time no time

the hair i'm getting again tomorrow!

hey there!!! Just updating really quickly my blog before going to get some deserved sleep.
So i went to get my GYM membership today and... HOLY FREAK! i swear to god THOR was there! like that one from the movie...well maybe not exactly him, but they looked so alike it got me unprepared ahahah he's not even my favorite actor or character.. but seeing this guy that totally looked like him just threw me off ahahah i would have probably gone there like"hey, hi Thor, whatcchadoin over here? is your planet doing good= and how's your brother?" kinda thing ahahah maybe i should have done that. Beside that i'm going to start working out from september 1st which is in 2 days :D can't wait to get my body fit and toned up! yey! Oh and tomorrow i'm also gonna go cut and dye my air again (they got kinda brown with blondish-reddish tips over the summer) and i'm doing the same thing i did last time cuz i loved so much, i think it might be my signature hairdo for a while :D ... oh also seeing a good friend of mine tomorrow i haven't seen in forever! soooo excited! and going to my man's practice afterwards  oooohh and talked to my best friend in the USA tonight so i'm pretty happy about that too :) can't wait to see her again! YES! ..overall i feel pretty positive of this new year ahead of me, since last year has been a bit of a mess :/ ..o at least i know tomorrow's gonna be a good day :D ahahahah alright this should have been a quick post but just turned into a life update + whatever crosses my mind ahahah ttyl eveyone ;D 

swear to god he looked like him! ahahahah

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