Monday, August 6, 2012

Back! ( black)

Good morning Budapest!  

Hey there! i just got back from my hungarian trip and... I LOVE BUDAPEST!It's such a cool city!Everyone is friendly and polite, lots of teens, guys and girls and everything, it looks so alive!And even if we were staying right in the city center the prices of everything were still pretty cheap compared to italian ones (unless you go into the super touristic places, where the stuff still good but much higher prices), and BEER IS SO GOOD.. i believe the one i loved is called Borsodi if i go right, and it's actually a local beer kinda of cheap but i just loved it. PinaColadas were good as well eheheheheh yup me and my man got a little something to drink while there ahahahahahah. As for the food... so much FRIED stuff!!! good as hell fried stuff (which is totally different from crappy one that make you sick) dude, i ate so much fried food i could explode, i think i might not eat french fries for a while now ahahah but it was totally worth it! God i saw so many awesome things i can't actually think of all of them right now, and will totally make a post later when they'll pop up. I got to shoot so much stuff with my baby-camera but haven't had the time to adjust them yet, will do asap! meanwhile there are a couple of photos i already uploaded and some others shoot with my man's cellphone so not as good but still fun. 'later! Cheers

devil's taxi..always there when needed ahah

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