Saturday, September 15, 2012

feeling like CRAP

here's an other pic from this summer :)

So, i was about to write a post yesterday, but then wasn't feeling really good and stuff so i just decided to wait till this morning hoping i would have felt better but... THA-DHA! I'm feeling even worse ahahahah like my head it's exploding, my nose it's running and my mood is as black as it could be. Tonight i'm also encharged to shoot photos through out my mother's 50's birthday party, some huge thing on a boat with around 60 people, all in the 60's style...i don't really know if i can make it, at least not with this headache that's killing me. On top of it i'm wishing to find a job, a house/room and get my ass outta this crazy place, don't know how much more i can stand it here... if only my studies wouldn't be so expensive. ahah ok, enough whining for this morning, later i'm gonna post some inspirational more happy kinda blog entry, i promise :) i hope everyone is having a better day than i.

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