Sunday, May 19, 2013

Neurotic 'motherfucking' Deathfest! pt.2/2

the entire Army of Madness
Here's the second half of those pictures, on a side note I purposely avoided putting all concert pictures as those are just really shitty and i'm sure you can find better ones on internet for sure ahah i was gonna tell you more about the fest on this post, but literally i don't know where to start the description of it. The first day we had troubles with our reservation which ended up in having us sleep on a 4 stars hotel for a night, and then back to the one we actually reserved on; too bad tho cuz this cooler one we stayed for one night in, was just RIGHT THERE at the concert venue ahahah, oh well, we walked 3 km from our hotel to the place everyday.
These up here on the list were the actual bands that played at the fest, and those others are just random pictures of the vacation :D
After this post i swear i will stop bothering you with this concert stuff and go back to my usual silly girly topics, the usual drunken pictures and my commissioned photos ahahah

the actual bill
Vita's blurry metal horns 
some random sign Chelsea photographed
Me and Haemorrhage 
Love them, so much fun to see on the stage!
me and Chels right after carcass played, see the happiness!
me and my man, same thing ;) 

ahahah i love this one, all really classy girls! Francesca, Chelsea,Vita and I :D hell yeah!

oh yeah, also had a pic with part of Cryptopsy ehehehehe

some of Vita's headbanging ahahah hell yeah

post apocalyptic badass beer holder with a gothic hint due to the building in the back ahahah oh and also the guy there is awesome ♥ ahahahahah

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