Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On how cool can life be sometimes...


Terrance Hobbs from Suffocation 
John Gallagher from Dying Fetus 

Kerry King from Slayer 
 Here's the famous post i was planning on doing, just to keep my blog updated with my life ahahah. So, I really do hope y'all know those people in the pictures above, in case you don't lemme just introduce you to some fucking badass metal heroes out there! And yes, the weird lady on their side is me. Kinda sad the pic with the King is such a bad one ahahah but, oh well, couldn't have even hooped in a better one ever, it was already good luck to actually have it! ahah
You know, life lately has been busy, like, almost the totality of the people I care about are going trough important changes in their lives, both positive ones than harder ones, and I'm trying my best to be by their side in anyway possible. Which is making me fall a little behind with my studies, but that's an other story ahahah. In the meantime I've got more shows and great events to go to than i thought possible of, and I've met so many awesome people that actually i'm starting to think this world shouldn't be completely burned down ahahah.

me at the "110 years of  Freedom" the Harley Davidson Fest!

here with Throne of Molok from south Italy after their show

ahahahah best pic of me ever taken at the Vulvectomy show! motherfucking SLAM!
Some fun things happening through the last period included the Harley Davidson Fest, i mean, big bikes, big guys, beers, music and leather... can't ask for much more! ahahahah Too bad the picture is kinda really shitty, oh anyways beside a couple of more recent random pics here's few pics from the Slayer concert. ( I can't thank my best friend and her man enough for the awesome bday presents tickets they give me every fucking year ahah ). Now, honestly hasn't been the most perfect concert ever sound wise , but the feelings into it were really intense, Tom didn't say a word on Jeff, beside a thank you when the people were calling his name out loud, but the big Hanneman flag at the end of the live show, and his guitar just placed behind Holt's spot spoke more than words in this case. I can't hide i felt touched by the whole thing, as Slayer has always been one of my more close to hearth bands, and I've been lucky to see them with all the different line ups. 

Tom, always my fave  

Gary Holt and the Hanneman flag behind him  

Concert ticket and the King's pic!

Guess this is enough for now, got ya pretty much all updated and stuff, possibly there will be more random pics ( oh yeah i know you like them ahahah ) and for sure the instagram update pretty soon.
Oh forgot to tell ya i turned 23 ahahahah there'll probably be a couple of pics of that one too :D
Cheers weirdos!  ♥ 

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